AS WE SEE IT - Seven Unique Views
Barking Rocks, Gualala CA, As We See It"Barking Rocks."
Many have heard of the majestic oceanfront compound built in 1960 by artist Millard Sheets and his wife, Mary, on Mendocino County property overlooking a pair of striking islands. The raucous conversations of the islands' ever present colony of sea lions inspired Mary to name their home "Barking Rocks."

The estate is now home to artist Susan Routledge Jackson and her husband Frank Jackson. In Fall of 2013, Susan graciously invited six artists of distinction to join her in a one month exhibition of painting and sculpture called, "AS WE SEE IT" – Seven Unique Views. This website profiles that exhibit.

"It has long been my dream to bring together this special group of artists and celebrate our friendship by showing our work in the fabled gallery/studio that was Millard Sheets'." Susan agrees with Millard's son Tony that a creative inspiration animates "Barking Rocks," reminding all who visit of the place's storied past.
20% of the proceeds from the exhibit were donated to Shamli Hospice.
Barking Rocks, Gualala CA
Participating artists (representing international origins) showing their most recent work are:
Diane Arenberg, Anna L. Edwards, Heidi Endemann, Jane Head, Lori Robinson, Susan E. Routledge, and Tony Sheets.

Giclee prints of watercolors by Millard Sheets can be purchased at
California Watercolor Gallery -