Jane Head
Artist Statement
The Mendocino coast makes my spirit soar, walking in this natural paradise is where my creative spirit is born, to capture those fleeting and beautiful moments of light on the water, reflections on a pond, or the essence of a place in all it's seasons: The trick is not only how to convey that with simple tools and materials but the hubris to think I could!!

When working in the Bay Area I became proficient in the application of Venetian Plaster, which I have since used as a beautiful base for my paintings, to which I apply layers of acrylic glazes, which I then burnish and polish giving a hand rubbed, lustrous look, that accentuates the painting subtly and beautifully.

I love experimenting and playing with new materials, techniques and textures, which I share with others in workshops that I teach at The Gualala Art Center.

Life on this coast has been a blessing, one that I'd love to share with you all at Barking Rocks, the heart and soul of the Mendocino coast, that has been imbued with Millard Sheets incredible creative spirit.
About Jane Head
Jane Head I was raised in England and had a brilliant art career as a child receiving many accolades and prizes for my art work!! As an adult the bar has been raised considerably, needless to say I keep ploughing on!

I was fortunate enough to make a living doing what I love, painting murals, faux finishing and wall glazing, in my business "English Hang Ups", for thirty two years, in the Bay Area.

During that time we would periodically make pilgrimages to Gualala, for us a very spiritual journey, the first time we visited, over 30 years ago I was introduced to Heidi Endemann's beautiful Mandala paintings. Those images stayed with me. When we moved here 12 years ago, I was thrilled to meet Heidi, a consummate painter, who has since become a wonderful friend, as have all the other exceptional artists in the group, each have challenged and inspired me.
You can see more of my work online at: www.gualalaarts.org/artist/janehead