Artist Statement
Welcome to the world of artist Tony Sheets. Tony's world is filled with artistic challenges and creative inspiration. Tony Sheets paints and makes sculptures for his own pure enjoyment. Plus Sheets works in collaboration with other artists and clients to create artworks which represent their needs and self visions. Sheets has worked extensively in the creation of sculpture and painted murals for 32 private clients on their projects, and 26 Public Art Projects with government agencies.

For the past seven years Tony Sheets has been the Exhibit Director for the Los Angeles County Fair at Fairplex in Pomona, California. Tony's Father, Millard Sheets was Director for 25 years, 1931 to 1956. For Tony it is a demanding and exhilarating challenge to assemble an exhibit which educates and entertains the approximately 375,000 visitors over a 25 day Fair each September. To achieve this Sheets works in collaboration with the Fair's Creative Department and his in house staff of nine. Together they transform the totally empty 12,000 sq ft Gallery into a five room adventure into the world of art and action, including 60 demonstrating artists working live in rotation as a part of the show. See what Sheets and his crew are doing this year at

Sheets's more recent addition to his profession is the saving of artworks by his Father and other artists. As the years progress, buildings with integral artworks either sell to new businesses or become obsolete. This poses a challenge to building owners of tracking down the artists or their families to make arrangements for the art to be relocated to avoid state and federal laws which prohibit the destruction of original artworks. To date Sheets has relocated six of his Father's large painted murals, with more to come.
About Tony Sheets
Tony Sheets In my youth I was surrounded and nurtured by my artistic family and their artist friends. My not becoming an artist was never much of a consideration. The only real question was which of the arts I would choose. I concentrated on becoming a sculptor in order to enter an area of art that my Father had not pursued.

College was far too confining for me, so I turned to 13 years of apprenticeship with artists, architects, designers and Walt Disney. This background has served me well and I continue to build on it daily. I have created monumental artworks for buildings and small copper sculptures for my own creative expression. One of my newer adventures has been a seven year opportunity of creating exhibits in the same Fine Arts building at the Los Angeles County Fair that my Father ran for 26 years, which is now named after him.

I have enjoyed a mixed and wonderful life filled with the arts and people of the arts. The seven of us are eager to share our own personal artworks with you as an insight into the world around us, "As We See It."
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Tony Sheets